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‎Mylswamy Annadurai is the current person who is monitoring the MOM  
 (mars orbiter mission)  

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MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission is in the third phase of Aero centric orbit now.

  The control of MOM is done from the Satellite Control Center (SCC) at Peenya in Bangalore once they are in the proper orbits.  The telemetry data is received and processed here by scientists.  Adjustment of positions and manoeuvres of spacecrafts (including geostationary satellites also) is done from here.

   SCC is part of the master control facility MCF of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) at HASSAN in Karnataka.  Project and mission heads take decisions from here.

   The Earth station to receive all the telecommunication signals is at a different geographical site, where huge antennas are built in a noise-free remote area.

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