Sports is something that is very important for one's health .  It is a kind of physical activity which keeps us fit and healthy  as we all know "a healthy body is the home of a healthy mind". we can also be a sports star in our future  and may gradually gain popularity. Sports is essential for a student. It purifies his blood and entertains him to cope with his studies. It increases our concentration and helps us to become more successful in life.
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     Hey friends, I will say a few words on our favorite topic "Sports".  Sports and games are very important for all of us.  The sports are recreative activities during leisure time.  They are similar to games, but there is a difference.  Games have a game point like 11 in table tennis and 21 in badminton.  Sports do not have such limit and the winner is the one who displays superior performance.

    Playing sports develops not only the physique of children but also brings out sportsmanship in them.  We learn a lot of skills, knowledge about ourselves and we learn to improve steadily.

    Sports help us to stay fit.  They also help many persons get a career.  In the 21st century sports have become a big business and successful sportsmen are worshipped too.  Indoor games can help us refresh ourselves without danger of hurting ourselves.
   By playing sports, we improve our concentration, focus, and coordination between mind and body.  We improve upon speed of our senses and responses.  I love and play sports and would suggest everyone to play too.  Thanks for listening to me attentively.

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