1. After I took my lunch, i took a small nap.
2.As  soon as the bell rang,the students ran out of the class room.
3. Before I could stop him , he went out angrily.
4. While I was wandering, an idea struck my mind.
5. when I went there, I  found their house locked.
6.Until and unless u say sorry i will not forgive you.
7.Whenever  I sit to write a diary , somebody or the other disturbs me.
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1. After I finished my homework I went out to play.

2. As soon as the cake is golden brown take it out of the oven.

3 . By the time I went to bed I was exhausted.

4. Before I could apologize she went out angrily.

5. While I was out she was trying to reach me on the phone.

6. When I was young I was sick all the time.

7. Until you finish your homework you cannot go out.

8. Whenever she lost a game she used to cry
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