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Life  happens  fast.In   this  fast  life  sometimes  we  forget  to  see    the  good things  we  should  care   about.We all  are  born  helpless.Always  depending  on  someone.But  as  we   grow  up  we  become  independent.It  is  this  time  when
we  sometimes  don't  care  about  the  one's  who  once  loved  us  like  anything.They  are  usually  the  senior  citizens  like  our  grandparents  or  parents.Once  we  get  settled  we  might  ignore   them .They  will  most  probably  won't  complaint  to  you  regarding  it  but  from  the  inside  they  will  be  crying.Old  people  love  it  when  their  children  or  grandchildren  be  with  them.They  love  it  when  grandchildren  talk to  them.They  love  cooking  for  them.In  big  cities  it  is  common  for  people  to  leave  their  families  and  go  to  work.In  such  times we  may  ignore  them.This  is  selfishness  and  cruelty.Old  age  home can  be  a  place  you  can  pay  a  visit   sometimes.We  should  share  happiness  with  them.They  will  feel  good.Donating  them  something  is  also  a  good  idea.You  should   try  to  visit  your  grandparents.There  are  also  some  schools  which  organises  programs  or  events  for  old  age  homes  to  make  the  old  people  happy.Make  sure  they  are  comfortable.Attitude  is  the   foundation  of  character.They  took  care  of  us  when  we needed  help.Now  its  our  turn.You  should  make  sure  that  your  family  members  are  happy  with  you.Don't  let  them  suffer  from  the  inside.They  won't  tell  tou  anything  because  they  love  you.
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