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The growth tissues of the plants are the meristems. Meristems are the tissues that produce the plant growth giving birth to all other tissues; they are formed of undifferentiated cells having intense cell division rate. Meristems classify as primary meristems and as secondary meristems.

Primary meristems are found in the apex of the stem, in the lateral buds of the stem, in the basis and tips of the shoots and within the root cap. Primary meristems are responsible for the primary growth (lengthening) of the plant.

Secondary meristems are those that make the plant grow in thickness (secondary growth) and they are formed by tissues that thicken the stem: cambium and phellogen .

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apical meristems-apex;tips;primary growth=elongation of roots and shoots
lateral meristems: a)vascular meristem- growth in girth; give rise to secondary tissues (xylem and phloem) making plant sturdier,cork cambium- girth (external)
intercalary meristem- occurs between mature tissues; common in grasses (occur at bases of nodes); help regenerate parts removed (by lawnmowers, herbivores, etc)
There are 3 types of meristemic tissues in plants.They are Appical Meristems,Laterel Meristems,and Intercallary Meristems.Appical Meristems are found in the tip of root and stem.Lateral meristems are found in the stems.It helps to increase the girth of the stem.It is absent in monocotyledenous plants.And intercallary Meristems is seen above the nodes of monocotyledenous plants.It helps to increse the length of the stems.....!!!!!!!

Apical meristems

Lateral meristems

Primary (transitional) meristems
I need types
Types of Meristimatic tissue:-

1. Apical meristem:- It is found at the apices of the stem and
roots i.e. at the growing units.
2. Intercalary meristem:- This type of meristem is usually
found at the base of internodes leaves.
3. Lateral meristem:- These meristem occur laterally in the
axis, parallel to the sides of stems and roots. The lateral
meristem is responsible for increase in thick
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