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    By executing successfully the launch of MOM (Mangalyaan) in its first attempt, India has raised eye brows of the most developed nations.  It did show the capabilities of ISRO scientists.  Indian space programs started with 100% dependence on Russian, American agencies.  However, now the scientists are nearly capable of handling most of the missions by themselves.  It took some decades of sincere patriotic effort and continued sponsorship by the government.  Nehru, Indira Gandhi, and Rajiv Gandhi had pushed the program, believing in its potential.

     India is certainly among the foremost nations in space.  It is after China, European space agency, NASA (USA) and Russia.  India is certainly ahead of many developing stations.  Indians in India and abroad have a reason to say We are Indians and India is one of the best.

   Indian space tasted its success with Aryabhatta.  As the demand for TV and telecommunications (linked with information technology) increased, ISRO kept up its pace to satisfy multiple needs of Indians.  The various ISRO organs with their collaborative efforts from different states and cultures, ignoring regional differences have contributed to the success.  In the beginning every thing was almost imported.  But now MOM is indigenous.  That is a giant leap.  Had advanced electronics fabrication facilities existed in India, then every thing of MOM would have been indigenous.

    ISRO started with PSLV for polar satellites for weather and surveillance.  INSAT were started for geostationary satellites for telecommunication purposes (TV for example).  Now these satellites are useful for global positioning and tracking.

    Indian space program consumes a lot of budget.  But the space program must be run to earn more returns by making it profit oriented rather than what some scientists want.  The government definitely want to get profit out of a technologically advanced and skilled sector like  space.

   What ever the case is, India will always progress ahead in space along with the foremost nations.  It leads to healthy competition.  But there is one disadvantage with Indian space program.  It depends on NASA or other agencies to plan and execute its missions.  It is still dependent and not fully self-sufficient and capable.  So it seems.  This shortcoming must be addressed to and eliminated.

   The space program needs even better technological and scientific brains.  Many Indians in NASA may be brought to work with ISRO and then Indian space program will be on par with the most advanced countries.

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