Networking - it is the scientific and engineering discipline concerned with communication between computer systems . it is a way of connecting multiple computing devices each other so they will communicate each other .it is the technology to connect various devices using cables , gateways , USB , hubs, etc.

media -it is a communication tools used to store and deliver information or data . it is  a medium through which information is trickled down to the common people. is a way through which we all come to know about some important things of the countries.
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Well that's especially true in the media industry, and the best way to get to know more people is through networking. One thing to do, especially before you land your first job, is start thinking about people you know who work in the field. If you meet your mother's.Networking media is a reference to the use of social platforms to promote, organize or engage a social mediapresence. Social media plays a large role in bringing large groups of p
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