If I would be at any governance position i would ensure that there is cleanliness, brotherhood, liberty,fraternity,equality as it describes in our constitution. There should be faith among the people. i would ensure that each and every people of my kingdom poor or rich should get the basic needs for their survival.nobody should beg for their alms, nobody should be cheated, their should be some lineancy with education on the standards beyonds 10th as the young students are having a great pressure about the percentage of boards exams which leds them to the suicide. there should also be saferty of the people of my country or state vice versa. the ensurement of safety of children, women will be there when i  will be in
the power. the harrasment of women, dowry, terrorism, beating small students. corruption, bribe etc there are many kinds of crime which are now also going on in the world, which i will ensure not to happen in the world no more now.

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