The narrator's grandmother was an old lady. In the story "The Portrait of a Lady" the narrator sketched a very striking picture of his grandmother. She was old and her back was stooped with age, but she had a tough mindset. She dealt with her life very properly, although single handed. She not only took care of herself but also her grandson. The narrator spent his childhood with his grandmother in a village. She was her grandson's bosom friend. She was affectionate, kind and above all deeply spiritual. She was not customized in the modern lifestyles. She was a lady of fewer words and more work. She used to walk around the house putting one hand in her back and counting the beads of her rosary in the other. She took her grandson to school, which was attached to a temple. While the author attend his class, she read the scriptures in the temple. She helped him in his studies also. She was like a second mother to the narrator because he spent his childhood in a village with his grandmother. However, all this altered when both the narrator and his grandmother went to live in the city with the narrator's parent. There he was admitted in the English medium school. He went to school by a motor bus and ore escorted by his grandmother. As the lessons were taught in English, his grandmother could not help him in his studies also. The bond of friendship between the two started slacking off. As the narrator went abroad for further studies, the tie almost broke. She became friendless. So she started spending her time spinning the wheel and praying with the rosary. She was inclined towards charity. So in the afternoon, she would sit in her armchair and fed the sparrows with crumbs of bread. She loved them. They were her company in the solitude.
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