Deputy commissioner of police
------- city


gandhi nagar

sub: promote bicycle in --------- city

respected sir,
i would like to share some few advantages of using bicycles.It is an environmentally friendly mode of transport.You save money on fuel (Gas, Petrol, Diesel or what ever you call it in your country) by riding a bicycle.A bicycle requires comparably less maintenance.Riding a bicycle is good for your health. You develop a strong heart and muscular limbs.You can weave in and out of traffic.Riding a bicycle is a quicker way of getting around the city. I have found that inside city, while driving automobiles, you can hardly go above 35 Km/hr. And many times you are forced to move at a crawl.
There are no parking problems. And you do not have to pay a toll for parking in special spots.Riding a bicycle to work everyday, you do not have to set aside time for exercise as this in itself is an exercise. Thus the time saved can be used for other tasks.The slow pace of travel helps you be receptive of the sights around you, which you might in all probably have missed while riding an automobile. And finally …At the end of the day, you feel much better – Physically and Mentally.
therefore i request you to promote the usage of bicycles rather than bikes etc..

yours sincerely,