1) Cut a square flat base out of thermocol
2) Cover the flat side of the base with clay. Make the different cell parts out of various colors of clay. Add to the flat side of the base. 
3)Attach labels of the cell parts to straight pins . Stick the pins in the base  to label each part
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but here, I'm using thermocols
simple.instead of a ball,use a flat base of thermocol
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We can use thermocol for making outerbody of the cell and you can paste the glaze paper or coloured paper for making it attractive.
you can also use thermocol to make vacuole by cutting a circle out of thermocol. Nucleous can be made by using a ball if you want to make it 3D. Cell wall can be depicted by using a sketch pen...other parts of the cell can also be used in the same way namely cytoplasm,golgi bodies,ribosomes etc.
endoplasmic reticulum can be made by ribbons of certain colours.....
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