Private Quelch was a lean,lanky,stooping person wearing horn rimmed spectacles.He had a lot of knowledge and was good in reading his bad habit was to show off his talent in front of his teachers and interrupting everyone .When  cookhouse duties were given to him he was there also showing off his was saying that "this is an unhygienic way of peeling potatoes".
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 Private  Quelch  was  highly  ambitious,tireless,hardworking  and  enthusiastic.He  worked  hard  to  get a  commission. He  borrowed  training  manuals  and  stayed  late  up  nights  studying  them.That  is  appreciable.  However  Private  Quelch loved  to  exhibit  his  knowledge.  He  could    never  resist  a  chance  to  show  off.He  used  to  irritate  his  superiors  in  in  their  training  classes.He  corrected others mistakes  publicly.Private .His  habit  of  flauting  his  knowledge  irritated  his  seniors  and  his  fellow  soldiers.At  first  his  fellow  soldiers  used  to  appreciate  him  but  soon  they  lived  in  terror  of  his  approach. Quelch  was  lanking,stooping  and  frowning  through  horn  rimmed   spectacles.Hence  he  was  nicknamed  as  the  professor.Moreover  he  wae  also  a  man who  knew  too  much.While  Corporal  Turnbull  was  giving   his  lectures Quelch  interrupted  him  again  and  again.This  annoyed  Corporal  Turnbull.So  he  announced  Quelch's  name  for  the  permanent  cookhouse  duties.He  might  have  done  that  in  order  to  take  revenge.
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