Tick the odd one out giving reason:
a. Static electricity, metal, insulator, rubbing
b. Earthquake, tsunami, Richter scale, epicenter, focal depth
c. Glass rod, cotton cloth, positive charge on glass rod, silk cloth
d. Hypocenter, volcanic eruption, earthquake, seismic waves
e. Intensity of earthquake, magnitude of earthquake, mercalli scale




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A. static electricity is acquired by a metal when rubbed. so insulator is odd.
b. tsunami is odd. rest of the words are associated with earthquake.
c. glass rod acquires positive charge when rubbed by silk cloth. so cotton cloth is odd.
d. volcanic eruption is odd. rest are associated with earthquake.
e. magnitude of earth quake is odd as mercalli scale is used to measure intensity of earthquake.
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1. Insulator is odd.
2. Tsunami is odd. 
3. Cotton cloth is odd.
4. Volcanic eruption is odd. 
5. Magnitude of earth quake is odd 
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