Mangalyaan will encourage national motivation as because it motivates young generation to incline towards science and technology. It will give a sense of inspiration towards nation achievements and will feel proud to be an Indian .While in case of regional rivalries myth regarding the mars will be omitting and similarly in case of international risk we will be tallied with U.S.A, China etc. and these countries will also feel our presence.
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     National motivation is definitely encouraged by Mangalyaan. Many Indians are in favor of the space program and its successes.  Indians political people of all parties and all scientists and engineers obviously feel that India is on top of the world with the success of MOM.  However, there is a feeling that some money is wasted on some mission which does not directly help Indian people.  That is research on Mars and its history is perhaps a non-salable  subject and the findings are not useful for future.

   MOM is beneficial only if India can do some thing like a chandrayaan and earns money out of it like other advanced countries have.  India cannot afford to spend on some thing  which does not return any benefits.

     Regional rivalries are possible in India due to many reasons.  Space programs are also a cause for regional rivalries.  Perhaps they are not the root cause for any rivalries.

     International risks are not there due to India's space program. The risks are there only due to the military capability.  In any case there are always some countries which do not like India.  There are always some countries which want to fight India, whatever India does.  So space program is also one reason for such countries.  It is not the only reason.

     Internationally the advanced countries would not like that India goes beyond them in technology.  So there will be competition among the countries.  There is a possibility that rivalry leads to positive advancement of India and does not become a hindrance to Indians.

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