Agriculture is a part of our culture.It has a great significance in Kerala. It is the backbone of the economy. Most of the people here are engaged in agriculture &allied activities. It provides employment to a lion's share of the people.this helps us to have chemicals free food. The importing of foriegn goods from other states can be avoided by agricultural production. The crops will be disease resistant. we could have a good future of good health and wealth through agriculture.
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Agriculture is important in the context of India.  Majority of localities that people live in India are villages.  In Villages people live on agriculture and related professions.

Agriculture is important as it produces food for Indian people to live on.  There are agro-industries and food processing based on agricultural products.  National economy is based on the amount of produce for a number of crops.  Associated with agriculture, there law enforcing government organizations, cattle, tractors, fertilizers, seeds, markets, packing, transport industries.

Our economy is heavily dependent on agriculture.

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