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You may write a lot information on the Sun and the energy that Earth receives and how one can use it for useful purposes.


You can write that the much used energy sources like fossil fuels are fast depleting.  Pollution is increasing due to them.  There are other forms of energy  - hydro-electric (from potential energy of water), wind energy, bio gas energy, tidal energy, geo-thermal etc.  However, Solar energy seems to be available in abundance.  It can be converted to other forms in a safe and pollution-free way.

Solar energy that is available at the Earth's surface is estimated as about 100 penta watts. That is more than the total power consumption of the world today.

Solar energy lights up the planets in the solar system. Moon is so bright in the night just with the reflected light from low reflecting materials.

Earth's temperatures are maintained by the Solar energy. Heat from sun rays vaporize water from rivers and seas forming clouds that rain for months.

We are unable to convert a lot of solar energy into useful energy due to our technological or economic condition. But solar energy is really powerful that lasts for a long time to come.

Availability of  solar energy in India  -for around   10 months a year  for about  11 hours a day.  We are near the equator, so there is more sun light.


Write about the solar energy conversion into chemical energy through solar cells and conversion into electrical energy.  We can write the availability of area above apartments and on ground for solar panels.  The solar cells have a life time of 20 years.   The investment is retrieved in 3 to 4 years.  The solar energy is   pollution free.

 Solar energy is the only source available in the space for artificial satellites.  Sun light is a renewable energy source.   It is available through nuclear fission chain reaction at very high temperatures in the star  Sun.  It will last for millions of years more.  Solar energy does not have shutdowns or cut downs.  Even cars (autos) are made from solar energy now.

You can attach pictures of solar panels, cells, and various solar equipment or gadgets, solar  auto-rickshaw etc.

You can attach pictures of solar panels, cells, and various solar equipment or gadgets, solar  auto-rickshaw etc.

You can attach some names of big companies which make solar equipment and fix solar systems.

The government also gives subsidy for solar energy equipment.  We could mention this also, that governments in many countries including India are encouraging solar energy.

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