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India sponsors its space research programs to put itself forward ahead of developing countries.

  To improve upon the technology and science in India.
  To create employment for highly educated people.  Otherwise they will go away.
  To earn money from other under developed or developing countries.
  To watch over our borders.
   To watch on our crops. 
  To monitor  the climate.     To check movements of winds, clouds.
   To check movements of animals,
   To do surveys and create good maps.  To check for minerals.
   To map land records in future and monitor them.
   to have television, and entertainment live.
   To have telecommunication facilities for Indians and internationally.

The negative aspects of space programs could be as:

1. A lof money is spent.  A lot of equipment is imported. It cuts into the budget of poor people.

2. The high budget allocated could be directed to developmental programs.  Some missions in space are not going to return a lot of money to India in near future.  But there are more priority programs that need budget.

3.  Too much of money and attention is probably given.  The expenses are too much for the benefit we get.  They must be optimized.  A lof of money is spent for a small benefit.  Perhaps we can get same benefits by spending less - if we hire the services of foreign agencies.

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