(1)do you except that you will become a member of NASA
(2)how was the experience in space flight 
(3)who is the aspiration of you in child hood
(4)did any one of your family members opposed your ambition
(5)your real ambition was only astronomer 
(6)did you except that you will make the record
(7)which religion you will follow either christianity or hinduism
(8)why did you convert to muslim-when she was in moon she saw the earth it was dark but onlytwo places where sparkling they were-makkah and mandinah then she was surprised and adopted muslim religion itself.
(9)how was the earth looked when you were in moon
(10)how was the experience in moon

4 3 4
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i didnt understand the questions 3 and 4 can u write it again
and can you please write appropriate answers of your questions
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