1. rohini rs-1  it was launched on 18 july 1980     Used for measuring in-flight performance of second experimental launch of slv-3                                                                                                                                             2.gsat-16 it was lunched on 7decembeGSAT-16 is twenty fourth communication satellite of India configured to carry a total of 48 communication transpondersr

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mangalayan -  it was also known as mom. it was launched on 5 november 2013. through this mom india became the 1st nation to reach orbit on its first attempt. it was launched by isro . the total cost was 450 million . it was the least expensive mars mission to date
aryabhata - aryabata was the 1st indian satellite named after astronomer of same name . it was launched by soviet union of 19 april 1975. it was made by isro . the launch came to an agreement bettween india & soviet directed by u. r roa & signed on 1972

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