cheese is made with the help of some bacteria.

paneer is made with the help of food acids.

addition of substances do not take place while making butter.

cheese is made by souring the milk.

butter is made by the separation of butterfat.

paneer is made by the draining of excess water from curd.

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cheese-is a  food made from milk of cow buffalo etc they are a material which can be stored and transported more easily than a fresh milk.cheese is obtained through curdling the milk. and now a days cheese are more frequently used by people.and it is popular alover the world.and their are hundreds of company or brands of cheese.

paneer-paneer is also very similar to cheese and it is also a type of cheese,it is available in soft,hard,midium stage.and paneer is also called as indian cottage is unmelting type of cheese and it is also very easy to transport and store this products than milk and is also obtained by curdling of milk but it is more thicker than a is made by filterring the water from cheese and making it thicker.

butter-butter is also a milk product which is obtained by separation of butter fat in curd.

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