1- It has helped in stabilising food prices and making food available to consumers at affordable prices.
2- It has helped in avoiding hunger and famine by supplying food from surplus regions of the country to deficient regions.
3- The system of Minimum Support Price (MSP) and procurement has contributed to increase in foodgrain production.
1-Instances of hunger occur despite granaries being full. This points to certain lacunae or inefficiency in the system.
2- High levels of buffer stocks often leads to wastage of foodgrains and deterioration in quality.
3- The storage of foodgrains inculcates high carrying costs on the government.
4- The provision of MSP has encouraged farmers to divert land from production of coarse grains that are consumed by poor, to rice and wheat. 
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1)social and economic justice can be done to the people who suffer extreme poverty
2)can imprve human development index(HDI
3)can decrese the hunger deaths
 lot of money is wasted
lot of revenve is lost 
food grains loose quality due to prolonged storage
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