i would prefer you,if you really wants to know,to hear or read ancient epics(bible,quran,bhagavatha,raamayana etc)for knowing in exact
god was the non scientific explanation for the happenings of nature in ancient times . Kings introduced gods to gain favour of his subjects. we worshiped them as they were said to be very powerful and punished non beleivers.


The god is a form of us(humans)...........he lives inside us..........he only tlls us wat is right n wat is wrong..................he is only 1 jst his forms r many..i told u wat i believe........hope it hlpd u............bt i m sry i hve no idea abt y do we worship god
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we believe that god is there but it is just our imagination believed from our ancestors. there is no god or anything like that just believe in yourself and that there is a power in nature and we workship god thinking that  god will help us grant our wishes but i don't believe in that.

we don,t worship god for making our wishes true,but he is everything,he is above our imaginations and calculations,the ultimate source of peace and the final destination of life.HE IS THE TRUTH.and there exists only the truth