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the person i admire the most is rabindranath tagore.his poetry and short stories appeal to my heart more than anything else.his gitanjali is a famous book of songs,for which he was awarded the noble prize of literature.truly speaking , i do not fully understand the inner meaning of all those beautiful songs.but i can sing a few of them.

tagore's short stories deeply attract my mind.they are simple and they vividly portray the known characters and simple plots.we study some of tagore's poems and stories which are included in our school text books.

as an indian , i am proud of tagore.tagore's birthday is celebrated every year all over the country.jana gana mana was also written by him.tagore is known not only as a poet , but also as a  dramatist , painter , actor , singer , philosopher , educationalist and humanist.

tagore was a great patriot who actively supported the swadeshi ovement during the british rule in india.he wrote national songs , boycotted foreign goods and opened a shop for selling swadeshi goods.this shows the boldness of his character and great sense of nationalism.

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