dear sanyukta,
                    hope you are well by the grace of god.i received your letter yesterday.i am written this letter to describe the world  that i want to grow in as per your letter.
                    i think that almost all of our thoughts are more or less the same in respect to this matter.i would like to grow in a world where there is only angles and no devils.friends in this world should be helpful and always good to discrimination will be there between a girl and a boy.people of all ages will be respected especially the old people.children after growing up will not send there parents to oldage homes.i want to grow in this type of world because when i grow up , i am sure that i will be a good and kind person.i will never speak a lie and always respect people.                     
                          i hope you will agree with my thoughts.i will end my letter here .i am looking forward for your reply.

                                                                    your loving friend ,