Science is our Future As science is prgressing day by day it's getting more and more interesting.Science has hundreds of things to learn and if you be patient and concentrate you will find science so interesting that you will want to become a scientist. But scientists aren't the only persons who find science interesting Future can grow as much you want to grow it. As you very well know that science and future can come together you have to make them together. It's not that you have future so you have left science or you have future, a good future but the science is different. Both have to be balanced out. Ok, so now tell me what do you think about before.. science or future? I bet you are thinking about future, right? As you have to make your future better only that way god can make new scientific theorys. Future is something that is so different from other things. I mean think ove your future. And think deeply very deeply. Won't you think that how complicated future is? Anything can happen in future. And you never know what happens anybody can die, anybody can start their new life, anybody can do anything just after 1 second! So future is something which has to be taken care of. This is amazing as every living being and even non living being has som scientific way or theory. Each and every thing present in this big world is SCIENCE. We have to see our future first then add things. Thank You!

science is a catagory which consists of 4 subjects.these four subjects are mathematics , chemistry , physics and biology.
in todays world , science and technology has a reached a great height.
we have many moderns gadgets which we use almost everyday.
some of the gadgets that we use in our daily life are computer , laptop , television , washing machine , telephones ,mobile phones etc.
the indian army has become very advanced.
the hospitals are now being able to treat many new diseases.
scientists are still researching for more advancement in the field of science.

we are hoping that our life will become more advanced and easier to live in the future.
the major problem which has occurred due to the advancement of science and technology is the pollution.
we are also hoping that something will be done to face this problem and also some solutions for this will be discovered.