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Cricket is a game in which two teams play, each team consisting of eleven players. First of all, there is a toss and which team wons the toss, decides either to bat or to field. Cricket is a game which has to be played with a true spirit of sportmanship . It is a game which was invented in England but now a days it is more popular in India rather than in England.  After a Cricket match is over, the best performer of the match gets the Award of "THE MAN OF THE MATCH".
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It is a bat ball game played btwn 2 team of 11players each.
each team get turn for batting and bowling and they score and the score is kown as runs..
and it has innings
the bowler bowls the ball to batsman and he hits the ball as far as he could to get runs.each batsman hitts the ball in their turns if that batsman in out then it is told to be as a wicket.
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