People now a days mostly suffer from the disease caused by the female mosquitoes...
even some even dies due to it.

we can prevent it by having our surroundings clean and tidy.
make sure to clean all the contaminated water in and around Ur environment
drink clean and hot water 
make sure to cover the fruits and veggies
wash the veggies before u cook
dont leave water to get stored for a long time 

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Most people are suffering from  viral infections and lung (breath) related diseases.  Because of the pollution in the world, the lungs are affected.

The best way to prevent them is to keep the environment clean.  Breathe fresh air.  Take vitamins and minerals.  Take antibiotics and build resistance against them.

Viral fevers and infections are very common.  There are virus spreading through water, air, interactions of people and other means.

The ways to prevent is to take vitamins and minerals.  Take antibiotics.  Keep yourself safe.  Eat and drink  purified water and food.

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