Take a paper n on it write in bold words WANTED below it writ in small size INDIA TO BE CLEAN.dont past any pictures just draw it with ur hand.make 2 box n show on 1st one that people are throwing garbage here n there. In 2nd box show that a man is throwing the garbage in dustbin...dustbin should be written in a bold n capital letters.put a cross mark in 1 box n tick on 2nd. At the end write some slogans.
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U can draw the presently in our india swach bharth mission is going on and by imagining that u can draw or make a posretĀ  and win a 1st prize and while making that in that poster u wite some swach bharath slogans . i would like to give some pics as a hintsĀ 
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hope u like it dear frnd and if u like plz mark it as bst :))
thank u