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Nowadays,Money is infact a good source for survival.Many people are unable to buy medicines,clothes,food,shelter.It has a great influence in our society.People with money are treated with respect than a person who is having all good qualities.Money causes harm because it plays with a person's respect and future.A poor child who wants to become a doctor is unable to acheive his dreams because of this money.It mostly affects the poor in simple words.Money is the worst thing which put us into many status problems,political problems or even our future problems.The person who has money gets the best out of everything.He/She can use it for a wrong purpose too.For example:a gun in a police inspector's hand need to save a life by killing a life...That's life
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Money causes more harm than good

money is a material factor which makes our life..
even tho money is needed for our life it cant get things like frndship, family, love, happiness, freedom,environmet,air, etc.

yes it is agreed tat money is importan but than it nonmaterial factors are the most important.

 even though it is needed it is the main cause for socail discrimination as poor and rich..
many get problems because of this.
the caste system makes the biggest of all problem.
and now the growing rate of cost makes people get suffered and because of this money there are so much things known as corruption, and stuff giving problem to the socitey

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