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environment is the place where we not only consists of human beings but also tiny creatures , animals , birds , trees , water bodies , deserts etc.we can call it nature as well.

let me talk about the state of environments just a few years ago.
at that time , environment was full of were seen even on grasses.trees were full of leaves.there was almost no dead tree.fresh air blew day and night.birds sang in the morning with their beautiful voice.people enjoyed the bath in the open streams.the day of every living being was just fantastic.

now , let me talk about today;s environment.
alas , today's environment has nothing but a large amount of dirt and villages there are still ponds and streams present but in cities there is no trace of them.people are cutting trees for their need.we are destroying the atmosphere by the gases of our vehicles.we dont even try to plant some trees.we just live our life but a life full of disease.our day always ends with great stress.

so , there is just a single way to save our beautiful environment.lets wake up and devote a bit time in planting a few trees , water them  and use our feet to walk small distances if possible.
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First of fall lets us go through the dictionary meaning of environment surroundings or conditions in which a person, animals or plants live or operate. But according me in fact very simple the physical conditions under which a living thing survives. Now I would like to differentiate between a village environment and a city environment. There are many charms in village life.there is the peasant rising with the morning star shining in the sky n turning his bullocks out to graze before sunrise. Watch the peasants wife milking her cow, grinding the corn, softly singing a tuneful song all the while! Here the lambs bleting n the birds chirping! How fine the fields look under the soft rays of the morning sun! The house wives of the village with the big pots on their heads going to the villages well to carry wTer to their homes, all working with slow .,steady sreps in groups, talking to 1 another as they walk.yet it is true that there is a great deal to be done for our villagers by tway of education. Sanitztion , etclife in village is like life in heaven. Life in city has many advantages. There r good schools, colleges etc.many amentites r available here. But city life has its seamy sidy also.many accidents take place.there is noise and smoke.but people think that living in city's environment is living in heal and thinking of being in heaven.
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