A) A cylinder and a cone having the same mass and their radii r1 and r2 but r1 > r2. What is the pressure exerted by the cylinder?

B) It was diagnosed that Meera is suffering from Japanese encephalitis. Which organ in meera's body is affected?

C) Write the correct order to separate the components of a mixture of ammonium chloride, common salt and sand.





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 base area of the object is π R1²    or  π R2² 
 As area if more in cylinder  as its area is more as R1 > R2.
 Hence pressure or stress =  force / area = weight / base area 
  pressure is more for the case of object with less surface area. ie., for cone.

B)  Japanese encephalitis affects  brain, or parts it - and central nervous system.

C)   sublime, filter and evaporate.

     Put  the mixture a beaker and heat it.  Ammonium chloride sublimes into vapour.  Collect it through a pipe and then condense it.  SAnd and salt remain at the bottom of beaker.

     Mix water in to the remaining mixture. Salt gets dissolved.  Sand does not dissolve. 

    Filter very well the contents.  So sand is separated.

    Heat the salt solution. Evaporate the contents.  So water gets evaporated and escapes.  Salt remains in the beaker.

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