it freshens the makes the air pure and free from dirt.
it makes the environment look makes us feel gives us the courage and energy to start a new day.the roots of the trees play a great role in preventing soil holds the soil tightly and prevents erosion.plants gives us oxygen which we use for breathing.if there will be no plants then , the carbon dioxide given out by us will replace oxygen because of which we all will die.plants are the only food available in large amount.the animals eat plants , and we eat the animals.if the animals don't get to eat then they will die and if we don't get to eat plants or animals then we may die makes the environment more green and pure.

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The question is:   WHY   plants are useful to our environment ?

I am writing important points.  Please develop that into an essay, if you are looking for an essay. thanks.

First of all, we must understand what environment is.  Environment is the surroundings around us. It includes the trees, plants, buildings, atmosphere, water bodies, dry lands, mountains, valleys that are nearby to us.

1.  Plants appear beautiful.  So our environment is beautified by environment.  The environment looks green, fresh, lively and energetic.  Plants and trees are an inspiration to all.

2.  Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen into air.  Hence the percentage of pollution in the atmosphere gets reduced and purity increases.  This is the most important use of trees to the people's survival on Earth.

3.  Trees hold the terrain strongly.  The roots of plants and trees go deep into the Earth and hold the part of Earth together strongly.  Otherwise, the sand, mud could all get washed away by rains or blown away by air when winds blow or when cyclone occur.

4.  Trees reduce sound pollution, by absorbing some of the sound energy and reducing the intensity of the sound waves.

5.  Trees give shelter to the birds and other animals and insects.  They play an important part in maintaining the bio-diversity on Earth.  Millions of species live in forests and vegetated regions.

6.  If there are no plants and trees, all the herbivores will die.  Then the ecosystem balance on the Earth will be upset totally.  The carnivores have nothing to eat.   So they die.  Then people do not have any thing to eat any more.  Then there is use of any environment.

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