A rectangular container has base of length 12 cm and width 9cm. A cube of edge 6cm is placed in the container and then sufficient water is filled into it so that the cube is just submerged. Find the fall in level of the water,in the container,when the cube is removed.




Let x be the fall in water level. It is given that Width of container is 9cm , length of container is 12cm and edge of cube(side) is 6cm

So volume of cube= side^3 = 6 x 6 x 6 = 216 cm^3

Implies that Volume of water= 216 cm^3

implies 12*9* x = 216

therefore x= 216/ 12*9 = 2

Hence, fall in water level is equal to 2cm

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Why volume of water = 216cm³ BTW thanks :)
Length of the edge of cube 6cm
   Volume of cube= 6*6*6= 216 cm³
Area of base of container = 12*9= 108 cm²
Let the drop of water level be x
Then we have 108*x= 216
                        ⇒  x= 2
Drop in water level is 2cm