Patol Babu initially thought that he was given very little dialog or part to be perfored .Later he remebers his guru's words which provoked him to do his part without any hesitstion.he did a lot of practice to give his best to the viewers .It is the duty of an actor to sqeeze till the last drop of the part given to us and give the essence to the audience.He involved hiself into the part and did so much practice to deliver the unisylabal dialog"OH".After performing his part he went home even without getting his payment.The self satisfaction that we get after perforing the our job perfectly is equable to no amount.We learn two main lessons from this lesson

1)we should never underestimate our job.we must involve in it and give our best to the audience.whatever the job may be,we must give our full effort and coordination to finish it.....
2)the immence satisfaction that we get after performing our job to the best is eual to nothing..not any payment of money can be equable to it..