For setting up an iron and steel industry which factors are kept in mind?

How do Jamshedpur & Pittsburgh stand at an advantage on these

Compare and contrast between a farm in India and USA in terms of

size, advice taken from, method of ploughing, method of irrigation,

storage facilities etc. Which technology used in the US can benefit

Indian farmers also?
Find two most populated cities of India. Relate them to factors affecting

distribution of population.
Make a pyramid to show the structure of courts in India. Also write

about the Appellate system.
What is ‘law of minimum wages’? Why is it necessary?



The location of manufacturing industries can be influenced by various geographical and economical factors.these factor are known as factors for localization of industries..
1)easy availability of raw materials
2)cheap labour
3)easy access to market
4)effecient power supply
5)suitable land
6)climate and other geographical conditions
7)government policies

there are a wide difference b/w a farm land in US and India.
size-in US there will be large acres of lands while in India the lands are divided into small pieces which are divided generations after generations.
method of ploughing-modern machines and contour ploghing methods
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