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Essay writing is really an interesting and easy task provided you develop a flair for the language in which you will be writing the essay. Before you start writing the essay write the heading of the essay in bold letters in the centre. Then always write a synopsis for the essay. A synopsis is nothing but a list of the sub headings your essay contains. Then coming to the first sub heading , that is " Introduction". Make sure the introduction is catchy enough so that you impress the reader or the examiner. Collect relevant points for your essay from reference books and the Internet . Make sure to rephrase certain sentences in your own words so that it doesn't look like a copy. This will also show your originality ! Stick to word limit as well. No one would want to read a long lengthy essay..! Add a lot of quotes by famous people and highlight them. Never write long lengthy paragraphs. Split them into smaller paragraphs and give appropriate sub headings. Finally conclude your essay with a punch line !
- first think about what topic is it
- then write introduction and your feeling about it
- then main content
- and some lines of poem or thoughts which make ur essay attractive and interesting
- you should write maximum things in that but meaningful