Ranveer's father works for an international organisation and has been transferred to Africa on an official assignment. He has taken his family with him
and stayed in a rented house. The people of the area have come from different countries and speak different languages. People of the area speak various languages. People of the area speak various languages viz., Dutch, French, Urdu, Hindi and English. Due to different mother tongues; the children of the locality are finding it difficult to communicate with each other and hence, are not able to play together. One day Ranveer called you up from Africa and asked your help to solve the problem.
A) What \ advice \ will \ you \ give \ to \ Ranveer?
B) List \ 2 \ advantages \ of \ speaking \ the \ same \ language \ all \ over \ the \ world.
C) What is the benefit of giving scientific names to animals?




     A)I  would  ask  him  to  practice   to  speak  in   English.I  would also  ask  him  to  say  the  same  to  the  other  children  of  the  locality.English  is  an  official  language.

B)  Then  everyone  will  be  able  to  communicate  with  each  other.It  will  also  create  uniformity.English  is an  international   language  and  is  spoken  all  over  the  world.Hence,  many  schools  teach  this  language  to  students. 

C)It  facilitates the  study  of  evolution  of  the  animals.
The  scientific  name  remains  the  same  worldwide  and   hence  is  easily  recognizable.The  confusion  caused  by  giving  same  names  to  multiple  organisms  is  eliminated   when  the  organism   is  named scientifically.