today by one touch of button one can off and on the fan, it is science only which made INDIA to become 1st country to reach on march. science has progress this much that today we can know which kind of climate will be there in coming days. and the most important thing that we can talk and make new friends.
It has helpfulness also and impact also.future will be fully dependent on science only all the activities will be done by science as today we are seeing that men is trying to live on moon and in future it will be. so it will have impacts on coming days

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Science is a great importance for our life.Our day to day life depends on science.Right from the morning the clock that wakes us up and till night the bed we sleep in all is for a reason and has a reason.This reason is what we call science.

Today every thing we use mainly vehicle,watch,fan,television,computer,pen,paper and every single thing has science.

In future science can even become a new life by means of robotics and even there may be chances of bringing dead alive in future.