A) name a green house gas with molar mass 44 g mole and is known to extinguish fire.
b) Name the elements present in this gas and write their valency.
c) Calculate the number of moles in 360 g of this gas sample.
d) Calculate the number of molecules in 88 g of this gas sample. (Given atomic mass of C = 12 u, O = 16 u,  N_0 = 6.022 × 10^{23} per mole)





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A. The green house gas is CO₂.
b. Elements are Carbon and Oxygen.

c. molar mass = 44 g
no. of moles in 360g = 360/44 = 8.18 moles

d. no. of mole in 88g = 88/44 = 2 moles
no. of molecules in 1 mole = N₀ = 6.022×10²³
no. of molecules in 2 moles = 2×6.022×10²³ = 1.2044×10²⁴
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