Parents need to make sure that their kids are not spending too much on the internet or watching T.V around exam/test-dates(Take the fuse out of the stabilizer or disconnect the modem); .Children who do not use internet at all ; suffer socially, and have difficulty working with study groups. So, no T.V or internet at all, is not the answer.These days most persons are misusing the internet instead of using it productively;
they waste time on porn and social networking sites.
Students are falling academically because they are addicted to rubbish on the world wide web.
I know a girl who failed in her 12th (grade/yr?) exam because of her unfaltering chatting habit. 

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TV,computer  and  internet  can  be  of  great  use  if  used  properly.TV  exposes  all  the  natural  events  .Computer  is  useful  for  students  like  creating  documents  or  using  MS Word.Internet  is  the  largest  communication  network.There  are  many  educational  channels  which  comes  in  TV  and  can  be  of  great  use  to  kids.However  sitting  in  front  of  the  TV  always  and  watching  movies or  serials  will  waste time  and  may  spoil  you.This  can  also  cause  obesity  because  nowadays most  kids  or  teenagers  don't  exercise  and  thus become  obese.   They  sit  in  front  of  the  TV  or  computer  playing  videogames  or  watching  movies.It  has  become  a  serious  concern  nowadays.Computer  is a  good  electronic  machine  which  is  supposed  to  do  important  paper  works  and  create  valuable  documents.Computer and  internet  are  usually  together.Information  related  to  almost  every  single  subject  is  available  in  the  internet.It  aso  conists  of  things  which  if  avoided  are  better.Some  people  create  false  websites  usually offering  some  lucky  draw  or  lucky  prize.They  do  this  to  fool  people  aand  take  money.Some  even  try  to  hack  different  technologies  using  the  internet.Some even  try to  hack  people's  accounts.
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