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7) Find the Probability that a leap year selected at random will have 53 Sundays. 8)Two digit number is formed from the digits 0,1,2,3,4 where digits are not repeated.find the probability of the following events. a) Number formed is an even number. b) Number formed is greater than 40. 9)Two dice are thrown.find the probability of an event that the sum of the number on their uppermost faces is multiple of 7.



7)A leap year=366 days,

 which means  52 weeks
 . 52 Sunday and the remaining  2 days.( we get it by dividing 366/7)

The remaining 2 days may be any of the following :

  Sunday and Monday , Monday and Tuesday ,Tuesday and Wednesday ,
Wednesday and Thursday, Thursday and Friday, Friday and Saturday, saturday and sunday,
so 7 possibilities

P(E) =  = 2 / 7