Find out what these people do :
1) anaesthetist 10) paleontologist
2) archaeologist 11) philatelist Note : answers must be in a few words only.
3) dermatologist 12) physicist hurry up nd help me friends plzz :) luv u
4) flautist 13) scientist all
5) genealogist 14) seismologist
6) horticulture 15) geologist
7) hypnotist
8) linguist
9) ornithologist




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1) a medical graduate ( a doctor ) who does his or her specialization or masters in anaesthesiology is called an anaesthetist. One of the highest paid professions in the medical field ! 2) a person who studied about the events and things of the past, not a historian because these people go in search of excavations and ancient things 3) a doctor who studies about skin and ailments. The study is sometimes coupled with venereology too. 6) horticulture is raising plants for aesthetic value . 9) a person who studies about birds 10) a person who studies about fossils 11) a person who studies abt stamps 12) a person specializing in physics 13) a person who's field of speciality is science and works in a lab 14) a person who studies earthquakes 15) a person who studies abt the earth and its physical features Linguist is someone who studies languages Genealogists study abt family history Hypnotists study abt the tactics of mesmerism and illusion.
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