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i think we all get hurt while playing.we usually get hurt in our knees  or face while playing basket ball.

i am telling this by my own experience.i have fallen many , i know that what are the safety measures that should be taken.i will talk about the main measures only. 

first of all , we should not push anyone in the ground.even if the player is of opponent team , we should play a fair game.

we should wear knee caps and also elbow caps if possible .it will protect our knees and elbows from getting injury.

we should play as taught by our teachers and not take any unknown moves as they can cause harm to us.

we should have safety box ready so that if anyone gets hurt , he or she can get immediate help.
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1) sports teacher should have to look after the children about how thy were playing.
2) in school there should be a nurse for immediate curing of wounds.
3) students should have to play carefully
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