Name The Type Of Person Who Is Most Likely To Say The Following :
1) I Believe the glass is half full
2) Let us limit the group to just the few of us
3) I think i am the best looking person here
4) Women should be kept in their place, that is in the kitchen!
5) You can find GOD everywhere
6) There is no such thing as GOD
7) The government should leave us free to start our own company
8) All the people in the world should be honest and hard working
9) Nothing good will ever happen to me
10) The government and the private sector together should work for the welfare of the country

Hurry up and please help me out with this friends :)



The Brainliest Answer!

1) Optimist

2) A reserved person

3) Over confident person./ Arrogant.

4) A person with backdated ideas.

5) Theist

6) Atheist

7) Democrat

8) Realist

9) Pessimist

10) Socialist.

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