1) one reason behind this can be their tuition . they study in tutions the topiccs which they have to study in school the next day 2) other reason can be , they do so just to have fun and. Show off in their friend circle 3) they do not bring their books bec they think that books make their bags heavier 4) to solve this problem , we should inform the teacher and parents about the things as they play a very crucial role . teacher will give them punishments or just warnings so that they will never forget to bring their bookd and the parents and the friends will explain him the importance of books 5 ) other solution for this problem iss funny rumours
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There is a simple reason...THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN THE CLASS, because people can't do all these because they study too much and all that the reason is that they are bored and do not pay attention while in class they have a wide mind which doesn't let study things enter.. He disturbs others because he gets bored and tries to trouble people. The solution is THE WAY STUDIES TAKE PLACE, you have to make the teaching more interesting like games because always punishment won.t do you have to be friendly with that particular person, I think that much would definitely do!
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