1) Go to the oldage home you can take some things which can make them smile or feel happy.
2) if you are big enough to teach others so you can teach poor children who does not get chance to go to school
3) every sunday you can clean your surroundings and tell others to clean.
4) you can give your cloths to poor children.
5)you can also start doing exercising in your local community center and encourage others to do .

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so , social activities is the topic.i think no one does so.there is almost no such person is worried about others.everyone in this world is so selfish.lets me discuss some points that we should follow.

always be ready to help aged person on streets.whenever we see anyone in the street who needs help we should definitely help that person.

we all are young now.while travelling if we see any aged person who needs to sit , we should leave our sit and that person to sit.

we should help the orphans in the orphanage homes by donating money if we have enough wealth.

we should teach children who are very poor and cannot afford the fees of this way , these children will receive education.

in this way , we can commit many social works.

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