Every year billions of pounds and dollars are spent on science and exploration, altogether they have spent 620.685 billion pounds. But why do they spend this massive amount of money on such science and exploration?

A positive impact of this use of money is that from exploring space they have found certain things that will help us in the near future. For example, in a moon that is called Europa they have found frozen water. Someday, if our usable water ever starts decreasing our astronauts will fly to Europa and get water for humans that reside here. Earths resources are running out because humans are consuming too many natural resources.

However, a very negative impact of space exploration is that if our world becomes overpopulated we may not be able to afford space exploration as we’ll need to use our money to produce more food and create more jobs on earth. The governments, presidents and King’s and Queen’s may need to increase the taxes to pay for space exploration and other helpful resources.

I strongly believe that we should compare the possible positive and negative effects of space exploration with a variety of financial decisions if we want a problem-free future.   The impact of space exploration is dependent on human decisions.  I hope we make the right decisions so that positive imapct  plzz mark my answer as the best 

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