Write an informal letter to your friend describing him about a recent function held in your school. You are Lata/narider of 40-R, Model House, Faridabad

- A book fair in our school
- various publishers
- books on all subjects
-bought some interesting story books
-would like to share with you



FROM                                                                                   DATE 
lata,                                                                                      4 jan 2015      
40-R model house,                                          
(ur frnd name) 
sub:describing her about function held in our school regarding
dear(ur frnd name) 
HWRU i am fine here by the grace of god hope this letter finds u in a healthy and gud mood i am writing this letter 2 u   2 tell u about the book fair held in our school
                           on 3rd jan 2015 a book fair had been held in  that we had got 2 see books on all the subjects by various publishers the books were quite interesting and  we enjoyed a lot reading those books and i had bought a few interesting story books  which are much more interesting than the books i read and i would like 2 share with u hope u would also enjoy reading those books
                                 convey my regards 2 ur parents and ur brother
                                                                                                 ur loving frnd
                                                                                                  (UR NAME)                        hope it helps u and plz mark as best click on thank u
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