Easy ways are internet and teachers.
Wow!! You know that, this is the one subject which has vast array of branch that influence the most branch of science. Well social science is the subject which talks about relationship of human society between individuals who is from a different background (economical, geographical,historical,sociological & political) but intertwined in the social fabrics.for a good example India for the most part in past was civilized by the first settlers called Dravidian then later came the aryan ,then mughal , then the British. From this we able to know how much is the social conditions of the society changed by culturally, socially, politically & economically .Thus this new bread of people from different background changing the fabric of the society; so from this every government decision(tax,law,provision...ect) or the scientific invention(Facebook, twitter...ect) are can be easily understand by studying social science .
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