You may close the doors and windows of the room or put head phones into your years.
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It is possible to reduce sound level at the generation itself  by using some material that does not generate metallic or stone like sound.  The marble crusher can probably have some small wooden surface that comes into contact with the ginger. 

Use of cloth or cardboard pieces at the bottom of the crusher.  Buying a new softer-material-based  ginger  crusher.

Use of small hand held mixers with very low current and power requirements.  The sound generated is very less.

Closing the kitchen door.  Use of curtains along with door. Curtains reduce some sound in addition to the door.

Designing a vacuum based ginger crusher to almost stop propagation of sound.

Sleeping in an AC room - closed.  Or, closing the bedroom doors closely.  Curtains can be also of help.

Waking up before the ginger crushing and  brushing teeth while crushing goes on and then drinking tea and then sleeping again.

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